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Nude Modeling

Are you interesting in modeling for Visualava?

We always have new projects in mind, and we're always interested in your ideas too.

Visualava projects are non-commercial in nature. No money changes hands, and photographs will not be used for any commercial purpose. You'll receive digital copies of all your images, and you may use them for any non-commercial purpose you choose. (In modeling they call this TFCD - Time For CD).

You're always welcome to bring someone along for moral support.

If you are located in southern California and would like to join us for a shoot, contact us at

General Information

  • Our projects are all nude, and women only. No bikinis, lingerie, etc. We create works of art, not "nude portraits," so we usually work the models into the environment with mud, paint, light, sand, water, or anything groovy. Faces and/or private parts never need be shown.
  • For poses where your skin is visible, tan lines are bad. Consider going to a tanning booth to erase tan lines a week or two before the shoot.
  • For poses where your skin is covered with mud, paint, sand, etc., body hair is often problematic. We recommend minimizing to whatever your comfort level is.
  • Tattoos are OK. Jewelry needs to be removed. Piercings that can be removed should be, in most cases.
  • No need to be shy! If you are, please feel free to bring a friend or significant other along. That person can often help with the setup - like smearing mud all over you. They might like that.
  • We maintain a professional environment. No gawkers. Privacy and anonymity are promised.
  • Shoots usually take 2-3 hours including prep & cleanup (when necessary). Add driving time for shoots that are outdoors - shoots in our local deserts are usually an all-day thing.
  • You will need to sign a Model Release. We hate this, but the lawyers make us do it. At least we have the world's shortest, simplest form.


Information on upcoming shoots